How I Work

I believe a successful design project is the product of trust and collaboration – worked out between architect and client – over the length of a project. It is not an accident. Instead, it is a relationship born of mutual respect and sincere effort to get to know each other.

I commit to listening very, very carefully to the needs and ideas of my client, to doing my homework to understand the history and context of my client’s home, to probing to learn important things that might be easily missed in casual conversation.

In turn, I ask my clients to be willing to search their inner sanctum to give voice to dreams and wishes, even if they seem far-fetched. That may be our starting point; reality and budget will come later. This is the clients’ opportunity to have the home they truly want.

Designing or redesigning the space a client will live in is one of the most personal and elemental activities anyone undertakes. To make it turn out as we plan demands the close communication of architect and client over a sustained period of time.

Design is a collaborative and an iterative process. It will evolve as architect and client meet and talk, incorporating new ideas, recognizing site features, and budget. The architect’s job is to create options and possibilities. The client’s job is to give feedback, to choose among those options.

Realizing the client’s wishes has a practical side. For the protection of client and architect alike, I work with a letter of agreement that specifies a set of steps that follow one after another.

Here, in short, is the sequence.

Phase One: Design

I gain an understanding of the goals to be achieved. With the use of sketches, plans, three-dimensional models, I help open the client up to a range of design solutions. I then revise my work to incorporate the client’s ideas and reactions. I meet with the client enough times so that I can produce drawings which reflect the big picture, which are true to the dream. The drawings are sufficient for a contractor to give us a ball-park estimate.

Phase Two: Working Drawings To Construction

Once the design is identified, I produce the plans and specifications which will form the basis for an agreement with a contractor, and will be submitted to a municipality for building permits. I help the client work with the contractor throughout the project. I advocate for the client, and consult with both client and contractor if there is a need for change as work proceeds.

Is That All There Is?

In my view? No. I go much further. Perhaps most importantly, I help clients deal with the chaos of building or renovation. Even when everything is done correctly and on-time, there is tremendous stress on the family. I am present to help with the issues that come up. I answer your questions along the way.

My goal is always to ensure continuity of communication, cost-effective decisions, and—above all—the satisfaction of my clients.